The Show Must Go On! Penguin Class Assembly Production of “Aladdin”

School News June 25, 2020
The Show Must Go On!  Penguin Class Assembly Production of “Aladdin”

When it was announced earlier in the year that the school would not be re-opening after the Easter holiday, the children and parents of 3P Penguins Class realized that, amongst many other blows, one was that the costumes that had been bought for our Assembly ‘Aladdin’ may never see the light of day and never be worn on stage. The children had been preparing the Assembly for several weeks, so the school closure hit our class particularly hard.

Once the school did re-open properly, I wasn’t sure whether the children would want to re-visit the Assembly after so many weeks away. How wrong I was!! Within a day or two, class members were asking me whether we would still be able to go ahead with the Assembly. I could not give a definitive answer, but at that stage the theatre was closed to all, and so a ‘Yes’ answer looked highly unlikely.

Then, after several more weeks of being back at school and only having e-assemblies online, it was announced that the Primary School could at last go back into the theatre for Friday assemblies. Mr Jacobs asked me if I wanted to take a slot for our previously cancelled assembly and, knowing the sentiments of all my class, of course I accepted immediately! Rehearsals re-commenced the following week, and the 3P Aladdin bandwagon was truly back on the road…

When the day of the performance finally arrived, I was incredibly impressed with the calm approach of all the children before their performance, and, once it began, the fantastic way they projected themselves, both verbally and physically on stage. A special mention has to go to the three narrators Iris Duo, Angel Zou and Jamie Tee who read their scripts so clearly and convincingly. Also, I have to take my hat right off to our six central characters - Luisa Li (Princess Jasmine), Harshil Jha (Sultan), Raiyyan Shaikh (Jafar), Felix Figura (Abu the Monkey), Amy Liang (Magic Carpet) and the fabulous Genie, Ethan Wan.

All the children performed amazingly and conveyed the anti-bullying message of the script supremely well – I could not be more proud of them all! A special thank you to Lucile Lu who acted as Production Manager and to Joey Tao from Marketing who provided the video equipment.