WASCZ Sports Summer Course WEEK 2

School News August 03, 2020
WASCZ Sports Summer Course WEEK 2

Following the success of the first week, the Summer Sports Course continued to go from strength to strength during the second week. Pupil numbers were still in excess of 75 for the second week and they were treated to an even greater number of sports, which included all those learnt during week 1, with the addition of archery, cricket, rounders and ultimate frisbee.

This has all been made possible with the vast experience of the staff coaching on the course which includes Miss M. Tamati who has specialized in netball and Hockey, Mr E. Gray who has shown versatility in coaching different sports everyday and finally the Headmaster, Mr D. Griffiths who has taken a lead with the rugby and football coaching. Every session has been ably supported by Mr S. Hardy, Mr Tamati, Mr K. Li (who has co-ordinated the Swimming sessions and enabled all those who lack confidence in the swimming pool to flourish), Mr E. Hu and Miss F. Fan.

We are all very excited for the upcoming third week of the course where we will be once again joined by a large number of returning pupils but also joined by anew cohort of internal and external pupils who we have no doubt will add to the vibrant atmosphere that the course has generated. Week 2 also saw the introduction of afternoon break time competitions, which began with a penalty shootout and continued with a Basketball Free Throw line contest on Thursday. These will continue into week 3 with further competitions that will enable the pupils to show off their skills. Next week’s competition will be in archery, badminton and golf.

We are very much looking forward to second half of the Summer Sports Course and building on the success of the first 2 weeks.