WASCZ Sports Summer Course WEEK 4

School News August 17, 2020
WASCZ Sports Summer Course WEEK 4

As we come to the conclusion of the ‘Summer Sports Course’, it has been wonderful to reflect on a hugely successful 4 weeks in which children has been exposed to around 15 individual and team-based sports, as well as being taught English daily through a variety of teaching methods.

Over the 4-week course, nearly 150 children from Changzhou, Nanjing and Wycombe Abbey School have been provided with a different type of summer course that they potentially hadn’t had the opportunity to attend before. We feel the Summer Sports Course has broadened and developed the children’s experiences, skills and understanding of both their English and sporting abilities, whilst having the chance to work as part of a team environment with peers of a similar age.

It has been an incredibly special 4 weeks, in which children have been seen smiling all day and have thoroughly enjoyed making new friends, whilst staying active, which will benefit their physical and mental well-being.

It has also been an amazing 4 weeks for the staff involved in the sports course and we would like to thank them all for their hard-work and dedication towards the children both in the sporting activities and the classroom, to inspire the children and develop all different aspects of their personalities. It has been a cohesive team effort and a pleasure to work alongside you all. We would also like to thank Wycombe Abbey School, Changzhou for allowing us to use the amazing facilities at the school, which allowed us to provide such a vast array of sports without any interference from the weather etc.

Finally we wish all the pupils on the course a wonderful conclusion to their summer holidays and we hope that you can use the skills learnt on the sports course to full effect when they return to their respective schools in September. You are all going to be missed and we very much hope that you can join us at Wycombe Abbey again in the near future either as a pupil or on another summer course.