Welcome Back Primary!

School News September 01, 2020
Welcome Back Primary!

After the long summer holiday, Wycombe Abbey Primary School welcomed back pupils, both day and boarding this week.

Both pupils and teachers were excited to begin the school term, and the first group to enter school were our new Primary Boarders, who were welcomed into school by Mr. Wood, Deputy Head of Primary, and the Primary Boarding Team.

After settling into their new rooms, the new boarders were given an induction into boarding life at Wycombe Abbey by Mr. Aydon and Miss Fan (Heads of Primary Boarding), where the routines of the day were explained, as well as who to talk to if they had any questions or problems in their new environment. Afterwards, the new boarders enjoyed sports and games in the air dome, before returning to the boarding house as the returning boarders came back from 4pm.

With all boarders back at school, the children were very excited to be back in the canteen to taste all of the delicious food by our new caterers, before a first “House Double” of the year with Mr. Wood and the Boarding Team. A “House Double” is a regular meeting where staff give notices of what is happening around school in the coming weeks, as well as confirming different rules and expectations of pupils at Wycombe Abbey.

To conclude the evening, the boarders were able to spend some free time getting to know their new roommates, before lights out ahead of the first full day of the school year on Monday.

A bright, warm and sunny day for the first day of the school year 2020-21 welcomed pupils and staff back to school, with new pupils arriving with name badges as they entered school, to be accompanied to their new classrooms by the Primary Teaching Staff.

After finding their classrooms, pupils spent the first part of the morning in their classroom, receiving their workbooks for the year, with teachers welcoming new pupils into class and highlighting different routines and what to expect through the school day.

First breaktime of the morning saw a new area of school that could be utilized by our Grade 5 pupils, with a basketball area set up behind the Primary Common Room. All children were very excited to get out and play football, cards and lots of other games with their friends.

After the first academic lesson of the day taking place after break, the children were extremely excited to be able to return to the canteen for their lunch, after a term of previously having eaten in their classrooms. Having learned about the importance of a healthy, balanced, nutritious plate, it was pleasing to see so many pupils with fruits and vegetables on their plate.

For the first day of the school year, Mr. Wood and Mr. Philpott held “Welcome Back” assemblies for Senior and Junior groups respectively. Both spoke about what different people can feel about the first day of a new school year – excitement, nerves, maybe even fear to begin with, but pupils all remembered that they have lots of people they can go and speak to at school to discuss their feelings.

Mr. Wood also introduced our Head Boy and Head Girl in the Primary School for this school year, Ingram Xiao (Orca Class) and Tracy Chen (Dragonfish Class). These two pupils are fine examples of Wycombe Abbey pupils, involved in a range of different parts of the school, from boarding, to music to sport, and will play important roles as part of meetings with teachers at schools as we discuss how to make changes and improve daily life at school for our pupils.

As well as Head Boy and Head Girl, this term's House Captains were introduced to the school, with the captains nominated in Blake, Newton, Elgar, Hawking, Scott, Turner, Dove, Cavell, Fonteyn, Austen, Somerville and Blyton unveiled. House Captains also play an important role in school life, involving everyone in their house in school competitions as well as being involved in regular meetings with their Heads of Houses and other senior members of the school.

From Tuesday, the Primary ECA program will begin, with all of our pupils from Grade 1 to Grade 5 taking part in a range of different activities, including different sports like rugby, netball, football and basketball; new ECAs this term such as Zumba, Aromatherapy and tea art; as well as ever-popular activities such as golf, table tennis, cooking and yoga. Primary ECAs rotate regularly throughout the year, giving all pupils during their time at school to experience as many different activities as possible.

After a normal afternoon of academic lessons had come to a close, the first day of school at WASCZ Primary had come to a close, and everyone is looking forward to what the rest of the year holds in store!

See you tomorrow!