Benefits of Yoga in Primary

School News September 17, 2020
Benefits of Yoga in Primary

Playing sport and being active is an important part of the school day here at Wycombe Abbey. It encourages children to exercise, challenge themselves and others and develop important physical and mental skills. However, the start of term is always incredibly busy and staff and children alike can find it very tiring. As a result of this, the Yoga ECA’s have been a welcome form of fitness and relaxation!

This year is has been lovely to see a range of classes really take Yoga seriously and enjoy the meditative side of it. Despite the lack of pace and slower movements, the children have been shocked at the effort they have had to put in to hold their bodies in position; there have been some sore but well flexed muscles!

In addition to the fitness and physical merits, the children have been really enjoying the deep breathing exercises they do at the start of each session. They can now go from the hyperactivity of their after-lunch energy to a relaxed, meditative state in just a few short breaths. It is wonderful to talk to them about their experiences after the Yoga sessions and see the happy, sleepy and relaxed faces around the room. The new grade 5s have found it particularly helpful as their work load steps up as they prepare for senior school next year. Yoga not only provides them with an opportunity to exercise but also the chance to reflect and think about their day, their actions and their work. The children always have at least 5 minutes with their breathing and thoughts just laying on the mat at the end of their session and they have used this time well to enjoy the quiet and relaxation before beginning their lessons again feeling happy and calm.