ECAs in KG off to a flying start

School News September 18, 2020
ECAs in KG off to a flying start

The children in Kindergarten are now back in the full swing of lessons and activities. Our EYFS curriculum offers a play-based learning environment along with the fundamentals of the British Early Years Curriculum. This includes Communication and Language; Physical Development; Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Literacy (which includes reading and writing); Mathematics; Understanding of the World as well as Expressive Arts and Design. 

Each term our teachers offer a wide variety of ECAs for our youngest children in the school.  The children love this time of the day as they get to experience and learn new skills.  This also allows the children to work with all the teachers in KG and develop their strengths within all areas of the EYFS curriculum. Our ECAs will develop the children’s learning further and enhance their experiences for them to become independent and inquisitive learners, therefore developing the skills of questioning and the environment around them. 

Below you will see some of our ECAs we have offered this term:

KG2 - Coral class enjoying clay crafts – making watermelons.  One of the children’s favourite fruits is watermelon and so making their own in ECA was enjoyable and enriching.

KG1 children enjoying ECA cooking – the children were preparing fruit and vegetable skewers to enjoy.  The children were learning about the fruits and vegetables and discussing the colours and what they tasted like.

KG3 enjoying dance ECA with Ms. Carter in the activity hall.  During this ECA the children are learning the basic skills needed for dance and Ms. Carter will gradually build the children up to a dance routine.

Our children in Kindergarten have been learning the skills of observational drawings.  The children have been learning different techniques of how to draw and to look at the colour and texture of objects for effect.

The children are also developing their skills in Physical Development; where they are learning to throw and catch balls, play teams games and develop their fine and gross motor skills.

Our paid ECA we offer is Rollerblading, where the children learn the skills of putting on their rollerblades, standing up to finally being able to rollerblade and undertake challenges like obstacle courses.

All the children in Kindergarten love the Extra Curricula Activities we offer for them.  We will continue to share our learning with you.