The start of a new chapter in Grade 1

School News September 22, 2020
The start of a new chapter in Grade 1

The children who have just left Kindergarten have officially become Primary pupils in Grade 1. Facing an unfamiliar environment, changes in teachers, changes in learning styles, and getting along with new classmates, these are huge psychological challenges for first-year pupils.

So how do we guide our pupils of Wycombe Abbey through their first year of Primary school life? Let’s have a look!

In the local Chinese curriculum teaching, teachers combine textbook content, integrate campus characteristics, according to the requirements of pupil-centered learning. Teachers carry out rich and interesting learning activities to encourage a fun and engaging environment.

In Maths class, after teaching pupils 1-10 numbers, Ms. Yan guided pupils to think about how they use numbers in day-to-day life, before creating different animals from these numbers. Pupils were able to develop their creative side throughout this activity.

In Chinese language learning, teachers model behaviour and learning habits such as how to write in a standard writing style and form correct reading habits. It is through both rigour and humour in the classroom that children can actively learn and practice good, polite behaviour. Reading and writing habits are quickly integrated into classroom learning, so that pupils can begin their journey in written communication. Children can learn the important practice of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

In Grade 1 Moral Education lessons, teachers help children to practice social skills and etiquette. The pupils are encouraged to display self-confidence and generosity with new classmates and new friends in order to learn and play together.

Along with the academic subjects, as Grade 1 teachers at WASCZ Primary, we never forget that wellbeing and happiness are pre-requisites to successful learners.