Learning Maths in Primary

School News September 28, 2020
Learning Maths in Primary

"What is needed for successful teaching is not coercion, but the stimulation of students' interest" said Tolstoy. At WASCZ, stimulating our pupils' interests is at the forefront of what we do when teaching. Our children learn by playing and play by learning.

We learn from practical activities. When we learn the difference between 'heavier or lighter', pupils put a range of different objects to compare on scales and find out what happens to scales when one side is heavier.

We learn from nursery rhymes. When we learn positions, we use the character of Humpty Dumpty. Children make Humpty Dumpty sit on the wall, in front of the wall, on the left of the wall. This helps them to remember positions better.

We also learn from stories. When we learn greater than, less than and equal, we tell a story about an alligator called Charlie. He is a strange alligator who doesn’t like pizzas, potatoes or meat, he only likes eating numbers. Charlie the alligator always likes big numbers, children love this story and it is easy to understand that the big mouth always faces towards big numbers. This helps children clearly understand the concept of > and <.

In Primary, we combine the benefits of Jiangsu Maths and British Maths which helps children to learn with a smile on their face!