Healthy Choices in Primary

School News October 20, 2020
Healthy Choices in Primary

The Barracuda class in Primary have been very busy over the past couple of weeks, as they have been learning about healthy food and its benefit on our bodies. We started our work by learning the names of fruits and vegetables, then later in class they created two plates: one containing healthy food and one containing their favourite food in their English books and discussing why they made those choices. The best part of this project was making yummy salads and smoothies in our class and getting to taste them.

The pupils compared both healthy and unhealthy snacks and discussed even though the chocolates and sweets taste good, eating a balanced diet is every important for our healthy body and mind. The Barracudas have also been more observant at what they are eating at lunch time and helping each other to make more healthier choices.

We take pride in growing healthy together in school, where we care for the pupils' holistic growth. We look forward to seeing more and more children make healthy choices when it comes to their food selection.