Reducing Food Waste in Primary

School News October 21, 2020
Reducing Food Waste in Primary

There is an ancient Chinese saying: “Either a grain of food or a piece of cloth, we should always remember how hard it is to harvest”. Wycombe Abbey School Changzhou is taking active steps to reduce food wastage and maintain a healthy diet.

In Grade 5 Moral Education class this term, we reviewed an poem written by Li Shen from the Tang Dynasty and watched a video demonstrating the process of a seed growing into a plant and how the plant ripens and becomes ready to be cooked. For many pupils, it was their first chance to view the process of growing crops and they were amazed by how hard it is to harvest as well as the long time the rice takes to ripen.

We then discussed why China would emphasise the “save food” proposal during such a challenging year, not just in China but globally. Pupils were shocked by how much food we can save and therefore were encouraged to reduce food wastage as much as possible.

Grade 5 pupils have realized how fortunate they are compared to their counterparts in other parts of China and they showed their genuine sympathy to them, what's more, pupils become more aware of the saving consciousness as a Chinese tradition. Moving forward, Grade 5 will be looking to set a good example to the rest of the school in regards the reduction of food waste.