Responsibility in Primary

School News October 30, 2020
Responsibility in Primary

On Wednesday morning this week, the Tuna Fish pupils in Mr. Aydon's class were introduced to a very long word that they had not encountered before: ’responsibility’. The class then had an open discussion about whose responsibility it is to perform various daily tasks in the children's lives, for example, 'washing the dishes', 'marking my homework' or 'packing my school bag'. From the perspective of the children it seemed that most of these responsibilities could be classified as either a) my responsibility, b) my parents' responsibility or c) my teachers' responsibility.

Working in pairs, the pupils then sorted slips of paper with each of these responsibilities on into the three groups. They then got busy sticking these down into their books before practicing reading their sentences aloud.

Hopefully, this exercise will help the pupils remember they need to make a collective effort and work as team with things like keeping the classroom tidy as jobs like this are their responsibility, thus developing their sense of independence.