Cooking ECA in Primary

School News November 09, 2020
Cooking ECA in Primary

Cooking is a valuable life skill that teaches children about nutrition and food safety, as well as building maths, science, literacy and fine motor skills.

In the past few weeks, our "WASCZ junior master chefs" have been taking part in a cooking ECA together. In addition to learning about our daily cooking methods, kids also learn about the cooking ingredients in terms of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, water, vitamins and minerals as well as the cooking utensils. Most importantly, they all made and tasted the delicious food which they had prepared carefully by themselves. From cookies, cupcakes, Oreo yogurt cakes, egg tarts, and apple pies to more season specific cooking like dumplings, moon cakes, "Halloween cookies" and "Halloween finger cookies." Through the course of each dish being made, the children were particularly dedicated, which made enjoying their own-made food even more satisfying.

Besides using their hands, pupils also needed to think and work together to make their dishes. From relatively simple things like cracking and frying eggs, to how to use a scale to measure the exact weight of flour, butter, icing sugar, as well as how to use a blender, how to whip eggs, how to whip butter, and how to knead dough; all these things required the children to work together with their partners. All of our pupils cooperated well, even when there were also some "happy mistakes", such as children smashing eggshells into bowls! Through preparation and making day by day, the children are becoming more and more confident in cooking.

But what made them happiest was the moment they saw their own finished products. The food made by themselves was the most delicious. Every time at the end of each cooking ECA, the children couldn't wait to taste their own hand-made cookies, cakes and other cooking products, and they hope to bring their cooking products home to share with their families, or to share with their friends in the class and in the boarding house.

After each cooking ECA, children would write cooking steps and ingredients in English on the paper or draw on the paper in their own way.

Practice makes perfect. We believe, with more practice, our pupils will be able to cook a big meal for their family at home one day.