Halloween Day 2020

School News November 17, 2020
Halloween Day 2020

This year the Primary pupils and staff made the most of the Halloween celebrations. It is always such an enjoyable day and the whole day was spent doing an array of different activities from spooky story writing to face painting and the infamous zombie chase to zombie dancing…we had it all. Below is a little comment on some of the most popular activities from throughout the day.

Up on the fourth floor, the Tuna fish classroom hosted Mr. Aydon's and Miss Ana Xu's doughnut eating competition! This involved pairs of pupils racing to consume specially decorated Halloween themed doughnuts (suspended from a string that was hanging from a clothes rack) as quickly as possible, without using their hands! The average time was about one and a half minutes…it sounds easy but without the aid of a few sips of water to wash it down this is no easy task! Needless to say the pupils all massively enjoyed the experience and we look forward to hosting this again on Halloween 2021!

Tales Dark and Grim with Mrs Moberly

In the real world, ghosts and monsters don't really exist but this year for Halloween, the children were invited to visit places where impossible things were suddenly possible. In a dimly lit, deathly quiet classroom, the scene was set to begin reading ghostly stories beginning with, The Hairy Toe, followed by The Hook. The children shivered and squirmed as the story telling took them on a tense journey. Armed with images and an understanding of what makes a story scary the children were thrilled to create their own ending to a Ukrainian ghost story!

In Primary, we have just invested in 24 laptops per Grade and so one of the activities was creating posters on these where the pupils were able to express their inner spookiness. It took place with Mr. Philpott and Miss Chen and the pupils enjoyed laying out their fantastic graphic Halloween designs and sharing these with friends. Well done to all who took part!!!

Spider Phobia

In the piranha classroom we were making weaved spider webs using lollipop sticks and wool.  The children used their weaving skills to work their way around the lollipop sticks to form a web.  once their web was formed we attached a couple of spiders to complete the web.

The children could then hang them out to scare unsuspecting people turning the corners.

The children also had so much fun with Miss Shaikh making their Spider Headbands with wiggly legs and designing it with googly eyes and their own creative graffiti. They were more than glad to help their friends by sharing ideas and helping them get it done and ready to wear!!!

Other arty activities included Halloween tattoos, which grabbed the attention of all of the pupils. It took place in the Barracuda class with Mrs. Qureshi and Miss Mei who were busy creating decorative tattoos on children's arms to mark them with the pirate kingdom. The tattoos were made by 'Henna' which is natural herbs paste, it leaves it beautiful colour on your skin for few days. Some children had the tattoos on their neck and arms. It was fun and creative and the pupils had the opportunity to make and design their own henna tattoo, which they were able to show off around school.

Music Thrills

Mr. Suen, Miss Li and Miss Wei had a wonderful time in the music department where they mixed song with dance. The children and staff had such a laugh and it was a great opportunity for the children to practice their spooky moves.

This was also the case in the Wycombe Abbey dance studio with Mr. Wood and Mr. Jacobs. The purpose of their activity was to learn the iconic Thriller Dance. After initially learning the different moves we split into boys vs girls in a dance off. Dancing was definitely the winner in the end and all of the pupils enjoyed some candy to replenish those sugar levels! Miss He, Miss Feng and Miss Nemo also did the thriller dance, using Michael Jackson's dance as a template. As the children entered the classroom, they all danced together to the music. Those pupils who showed off their dance moves received special lollipops as a reward. There were some very interesting dances on show including; street dance, folk dance and Latin dance. The children gave their all and it was great to see such dancing talents being displayed.

On such special events we also hire external companies to come in and enhance the pupils' day. This Halloween we had a giant bouncy castle with a slide, five basketball shooting machines and an air hockey table. It was great fun, with races to the top of the slide and the children bouncing and sliding around. It was certainly a good opportunity to burn off some pent up energy and the children had a wonderful time.

Grade 1 and Grade 2 were involved in Mrs. Hamilton and Mrs. Lu's gruesome Halloween boxes where the children were feeling items which felt like spiders, lizards, snakes, feathers and eye balls!! Thankfully they were not real. All the items were covered in leaves and there were the relevant flash cards around the classroom so that the children could guess what was in each box.

Pupils couldn't wait to see what were actually in the boxes. The atmosphere in the classroom was spooky, which made it even more scary when they put their little hands in. With Halloween music on it gave some of them quite the scare. Esther touched some cooked spaghetti bolognaise and thought it might be poo, which startled her. She was quite relieved when we told her it was just food.

Straw Skeletons

In C103 we had a wonderful day doing Halloween face painting with Mr. Yang and Miss Sun. Pupils could choose some horrible scars to stick on their face or body, or they could choose some lovely pictures such as kittens, bears and pumpkins to stick. What's more, if you want a face stained with blood, we would help you realize this dream by painting.

We are looking forward to a bigger and even better event next year. The children were suitably spooked and all came away with smiles on their faces. A great day at Wycombe Abbey!