Storytime in Maths Academic Enrichment

School News November 19, 2020
Storytime in Maths Academic Enrichment

In our Maths Academic Enrichment ECAs in Grade 4, we have been reading different Maths stories. Maths Reading is an important method for learning and applying mathematical knowledge in a new and interesting way.

During Academic Enrichment, our pupils have been reading many different stories, bringing them into a magical Maths world and introducing them to a world of Maths that is always around them.

Maths reading develops pupils innovative thinking skills. Each story is linked to a part of the Maths curriculum. For example, in a story called "Journey to the West", a story is told of a man called Tang, who asked his apprentices to pick some peaches. Soon after, the three apprentices picked some peaches and came back happily. Master Tang asked: How many peaches do you have? The apprentices replied: "Sir, Can you help us find out?" We each pick the same number, each basket of peaches has less than 100 peaches, and no matter whether we count 3 numbers together, count 4 numbers together or count 5 numbers together, there is only ever 1 number left. How many peaches do we have?

Our Maths stories have proven hugely beneficial for improving our pupils interest and passion for Maths, and we look forward to seeing this develop over the coming weeks and months.