Primary Fencers Compete in Xinbei

School News November 26, 2020
Primary Fencers Compete in Xinbei

Last weekend, a group of fencers from across the Primary school, from Grade 1 to Grade 5, took part in a fencing competition organized at Global Harbour in Xinbei.

A busy event with competitors from throughout Changzhou took place, with children taking part in singles events in the morning, followed by team events in the afternoon.

Although the weather outside has been turning colder, all of our competitors were getting working up a sweat under the lights and the heat of competition!

It was brilliant to see so many pupils taking part in the competition, for some their first ever competitive fencing duels.

Although results through the day were mixed, no doubt all of our pupils learned a lot from their experiences, and with many due to take place in the WASCZ Fencing Competition this Sunday, they will have another opportunity to "fly the flag" for Wycombe Abbey soon!