"Where the Wild Things Are" in Piranha Class

School News November 27, 2020
"Where the Wild Things Are" in Piranha Class

Over the last couple of weeks, Piranha class have been looking at the book "Where the wild things are". It is a fantastic story to get the children to talk about their imaginations, dreams, feelings, and emotions. The story takes you into Max's imaginary world, after being sent to his bedroom for being too wild. We see Max sail to a new land of wild things feel happy and wild to him being sad and missing home. The story really got the children talking.

Piranha class worked on drawing and writing about when they are wild, and how it made them feel, there were some funny stories, from throwing food at their brother to jumping on the bed! Whilst doing the activity we talked about how we are feeling, when we are wild and how the other person might be feeling, just like Max’s mum. Piranha class responded well to this and gave good answers.

The children were particularly good at speaking about their feelings and what can cause different emotions to happen and what things we can do to change that feeling. It was a good lesson on how we should think of others before the actions we take.

Once Piranha class had written their wild moments, they cut out a template of Max to back their work onto which looked lovely on display outside our classroom for everyone to see.