Positive Actions on Campus from the Lobster Class

School News November 30, 2020
Positive Actions on Campus from the Lobster Class

Last week must have been a memorable one for the Lobsters. After learning about "Our school" in our Moral Education lesson, teachers and pupils in Lobster decided to walk around the WASCZ campus to do something that would make the campus a better place.

When we were exploring the junior playground, we found some rubbish on the ground. The pupils commented on this in different ways, some spoke in English, some in the form of drawing. As a group, M. Dong, A. Chen and J. Xu picked up all the rubbish they found. At the edge of the playground, the third group found some flowerpots lying on the ground, which they straightened immediately.

Then we moved to the outside basketball court. Under the pupils' careful exploration, we found a basketball rack with patent leather torn off, a bench with a crushed bar and a watering device without a lid. D. Wang, J. Chen, T. Zhang and a few boys helped to arrange the benches neatly. M. Xiao tried his best to install the lid of the watering device.

Finally we came back to the classroom and talked about the benefits our walk around campus and the lessons we had learned. We had a group discussion about how to make the school better by ourselves. The pupils realized that there are many things that happen in our campus that can cause damage or make our campus look unappealing, but with simple actions can be solved easily, such as picking up the rubbish on the ground or putting the desks and chairs in order in the classroom J. Huang and Y. Huang also gave us advice that we could put up some posters advocating good behavior in the campus.

Well done Lobsters!