WASCZ Primary Tennis Competition

School News December 03, 2020
WASCZ Primary Tennis Competition

On Sunday, Primary Tennis players from Grades 1 to Grade 5 took part in a school wide tennis competition, taking place in the air dome. Keen to put into practice what they had been learning in ECA over the course of the term, all pupils competed against their peers, with G1-2 (Junior), Grade 3 (Intermediate) and G4-5 (Senior) competitions taking place.

In the Junior Competition, A. Dai (Blue Whale) took home the gold medal, with his elder brother B. Dai (Penguin) taking home the gold in the Grade 3 competition. Well done to both Dai brothers!

In the senior competition, A. Chen (Seal) won the overall event, picking up a gold medal for the second year in a row, having previously won the Grade 3 tournament last year.

Well done to all tennis players involved on Sunday – with many playing in their first competitive tennis fixtures. We look forward to seeing more and more competitions in the future.