Learning Chinese at WASCZ Primary

School News January 15, 2021
Learning Chinese at WASCZ Primary

In recent years, learning Chinese has aroused a great attention all over the world. Chinese has become more and more popular and frequently-used all over the world with the fast development of the world. Not only a pupil whose mother language is Chinese but also foreign pupils in China both learn Chinese language at Wycombe Abbey. In our school the Chinese lesson has many forms and requirements. Our pupils make great effort to learn it better. It is reflected in the following aspects:


Chinese characters were initially meant to be simple pictures use to help people remember things. After a long period of development, it finally became a unique character system that embodies phonetic sound, image, idea, and rhyme at the same time. Writing Chinese characters well is the first step for learners to study this subject well.


Reading books is more valuable than anything else. As the old saying goes, "To open a book is always helpful." Books are our friends because they introduce us to different kinds of knowledge. We read as much as possible to improve our reading comprehension. Our pupils enjoy the reading lesson very much.


We have dictation every week to make our pupils master more Chinese words, sentences and poems, so they can use these to write an elegant composition. The vast majority of pupils do fantastically well at this.


What makes a good paragraph?

A good paragraph is one that consists of a topic sentence and supporting sentences.

A good paragraph is one that contains proper linking words.

A good paragraph is one with varied sentence patterns.

It is has been amazing to see our pupils' progress with the Chinese language during their time at Wycombe Abbey Primary School - long may this continue!