Creating Powerful Presentations in Grade 4 Topic

School News January 18, 2021
Creating Powerful Presentations in Grade 4 Topic

The world wide web is an amazing invention that rocked the world. The internet has opened a whole new world for us and is one of the most important tools of communication. Our grade 4 learners are studying the difference between the World Wide Web (W3) and the Internet and we are exploring our creativity using different computer software.

While part of our focus during this unit of study is to understand the difference between the internet and the world-wide web, we will also analyze the importance of computer networks in our lives and how it connects the world. We began exploring computer software and how to use this to create a powerful digital presentation.

Our Topic lessons incorporates an integrated curriculum, including ICT, History, Geography and English. During the winter holiday, we kick started our unit of study by completing a brief research task on a person who has made a significant contribution to society. And we're off to a great start. A lot of research and thought went into selecting some great leaders, which include civil rights leaders such as Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela to name a few, role models such as Mother Theresa and lots more.

Learners will use their research skills to uncover information about the person they have selected to write about and create a digital presentation to include video segments and audio pieces. We look forward to sharing these Presentations with parents via the web.

We are also improving writing skills by retrieving and recoding information during our research. The seal class are working hard to master their note taking skills and using the information they find in their own words. 

During the past two weeks, it's been amazing to see our learners engrossed in learning about world leaders, philanthropists, role models and scientists. Apart from enhancing their research and technology skills, they are learning a lot about the world at large and the great influencers of our time.