Sport at WASCZ Primary

School News January 20, 2021
Sport at WASCZ Primary

Each term Mr. Jacobs lets his staff know that he would like them to write a WeChat article, to keep the parents informed and to highlight a part of school life which the children have been focusing on. This week I would like to talk a little bit about our sports programme and the importance of fitness. After all, a healthy body does help in having a healthy mind. I'd like to start by saying what a pleasure it was this weekend in having ten sports teams doing fixtures. Weekends are precious but they also allow a lot of time to focus on extra-curricular activities, including sport. Two of the teams this weekend played fixtures against another club, Vigor Sports, who were well drilled and had some very good players. Our boys and girls lost, but only by one goal which is great credit to their determination and refusal to give up. I also believe that learning to lose is also vitally important. It allows you to reassess what you are doing and seek ways of creatively improving what you do so that next time you have a better chance of success. As Ryan Babineaux says 'fail fast and fail often'.

Sport is a huge part of what we do at Wycombe Abbey and this comes in so many areas. PE is a key part of the curriculum but we also learn and play lots of sport in our extra-curricular programme and the pupils participate in House Sports each week. Pupils are recognized for their efforts and successes in the assemblies and these often come with medals and certificates to commemorate these. We also ran a very successful and popular Summer Sports course, where the pupils focused on three sports each day, as well as having lunch time competitions and team building time. It is not only important to keep fit and ensure that children enjoy the physical activity but it is a hugely important time to enjoy the social side of sport. This is just as important and you grow up and those who enjoy sport continue to play socially and competitively until old age sets in.

Covid-19 has put a barrier up in so many ways, however it has also forced us as a school to be creative in how to ensure the children have focus. It might not be preparing for the next big netball game or rugby game against your rival school but instead it is working towards getting fitter, stronger and competing against those within your school and bubbles.

We are delighted that over 70 pupils and 13 staff participated in the competitive Primary sport this weekend. It meant many pupils not going home and lots staying on to board on the Friday night, however the excitement on Saturday morning in the boarding house was fabulous. They were all talking about the competition ahead and we all enjoyed a match tea afterwards. For those who stayed in boarding for the entire weekend, they were treated to Saturday Night Treat with a film in the Theatre on the cinema sized film with popcorn and pop!

May all our boarding weekends be full of sport, activities and fun!