Grade 4 Match Report - 16th Jan vs Vigour Sports

School News January 25, 2021
Grade 4 Match Report - 16th Jan vs Vigour Sports

On Saturday 16th January, the grade 4 boys boarded a Saturday morning coach to Xinbei, eager and determined to kick start their football season at Wycombe Abbey. After our warmup, we sat down as a team to discuss positions and tactics. The squad and I worked together to build our team for the first half. The team were questioned about the importance of their positions, the jobs and the roles that they would be playing during the match the following day. Each member of the team was professional during the first meeting and fully understood the role within the team. We set up in a 2 - 1 - 2 - 1 formation. We planned to start the game with a balance of strength on the field as well as being able to bring strong players off the bench for the second half.

Our formation was as follows:

First Half

As a team, the tactics we discussed were:

A. Chen – Has shown since the start of the year he's a solid shot stopper.

I. Fu - with his brave, strong, fearless tackling, would be our ball winner in defence.

F. Figura – the “sweeper. Any balls that went past Ian, Felix would mop up and stop the opposition's attack.

W. Yu – our captain. He has incredible vision for a pass and was tasked with setting up / assisting R. Shaikh and L. Egervari for goals.

R. Shaikh – fast, strong and tall. Raiyyan is able to run at pace with the ball and cross it to L. Egervari.

A. Yang – intelligent and skilful player. Andy has the ability to take on players and move into space in order to collect the ball from W. Yu's pass.

L. Egervari – has an eye for goal and a great shot on him, always on target. He has shown his goal scoring traits during ECA this year.

When we arrived at the football ground the following day, the boys efficiently settled down and went straight into practice to prepare for the game. We warmed up with a few running exercises and then stretched off. We made a big circle and practised passing the ball to each other, importantly, shouting out the name of the player we were passing to first. This gets the pupils use to "talking" on the field, building teamwork and listening to others. We then played a drill called "One-On-One Attack v Défense." In this drill, the defenders and attackers lined up parallel to each other facing the goal, with A. Chen in goal. Mr. Gray kicked the ball between both sets of players and it was the attacker's job to get to the ball first and score a goal. It was the defender's job to either get to the ball first, or tackle the attacker and stop them scoring a goal.

We started off the match really well. A. Chen made some fantastic saves, I. Fu was getting stuck in and tackling Vigor attackers and W. Yu was running around making great forward passes. However, Vigor are an outstanding team, who have been training together as a club for a long period of time. We knew this would be a tough game! Wycombe Abbey held on for as long as we could, but we gave Vigor's right winger too much space and time on the ball. He was able to look up, pick his spot and shoot. Unfortunately, as I. Fu stretched his leg out to block the shot, the shot was too powerful and successfully made it to the bottom left corner of the net. A. Chen had no chance of saving it. During the first half, we brought on H. Huang and J. Sun. Both players were brought on to strengthen our mid-field and brought a fresh energy to the pitch. At the end of the first half we were losing 4-nil.

Second Half:

The boys held their heads up high and didn't let the score line get them down. We needed a change in formation 3 – 2 – 1. We brought W. Yu into defence, alongside I. Fu and J. Sun. H. Huang and F. Figura dropped into centre mid-field and A. Yang went upfront. Mr. Gray was mightily impressed with H. Huang and J. Sun's performances. Both players were getting stuck in and tackling Vigor's attacking players on multiple occasion. Both boys were sliding in to pull off hard tackles and win the ball. From the sidelines we could see how much space Vigor players were given. R. Shaikh was brought back on to mark Vigor's playmaker to stop him from running with the ball and making through passes. R. Shaikh also ran with the ball down the wing a few times, getting some low crosses in which were unfortunately blocked by Vigor's defence. Wycombe Abbey scored a fantastic goal by A. Yang. It was a bullet power shot that the Vigor goal keeper didn't stand much of a chance of saving. Well done A. Yang. We have a lot to learn as a team and this game was a great lesson, one that we can analyse and improve upon. Final score 7-1.