Mind Maps in Grade 5 Maths

School News February 01, 2021
Mind Maps in Grade 5 Maths

Over the last few weeks, Grade 5 pupils have been learning to draw mind maps in Maths Academic Enrichment ECA. A mind map is a way to represent ideas and concepts, whilst also an interesting way to learn and apply mathematical knowledge.

G5 pupils began by studying other good mind maps. They looked for inspiration in the works of other pupils online which, thankfully, there are many of around us to learn from. They chose to draw the mind map about decimals which is a difficult unit this term. Pupils work together to summarize the points they learned in their Maths lessons. The text books and exercise books are a useful guideline when preparing this.

After listing all the significant points they wanted, each pupil started to make a draft. A mind map does not only list knowledge but also vivid patterns. They came up with many creative ideas about how to design their maps. Some drew trees and wrote points on leaves while some drew various geometric shapes and wrote points in order.

Once G5 pupils had finished their mind maps, these maps would be shown on display board outside their classrooms for everyone to see. It is the first time for G5 to draw a mind map for Maths, however, they can't wait to draw another map in English next time.