Phonics Foundations in Primary

School News February 03, 2021
Phonics Foundations in Primary

Since the start of the academic year, WASCZ Primary School has placed an increased emphasis on reading at all ages throughout the school. It introduced The Accelerated Reader program that has been rolled out across Grades 2-5 has already started to have shown a positive impact on our pupils’ reading comprehension levels, and it has been encouraging to see so many pupils engage with this program. For our pupils who are new to the school, or relatively new to learning English, mastering the foundation of phonics has been critical in improving reading levels, and across the school, our pupils practice these phonics skills regularly.

Phonics instruction teaches children how to decode letters into their respective sounds, a skill that is essential for them to read and spell unfamiliar words by themselves and also learn how to apply this knowledge in their reading. Various lessons and activities have been introduced to make Phonics an integral part of the school's curriculum.

Pull out sessions: Children with lesser knowledge of English are taken out of the class and given a more focused lesson of the phonics sounds depending on the gaps identified. The children are often taught phase 2, 3 and 5 phonics sounds; blending and segmentation; high frequency words and provided with guided reading sessions.

Whole Class interventions: Whole class interventions involves the entire class being  given phonics lessons. They are also taught phonics sound as well as how to blend and segment words.

Extra Curricular Activities (ECA): Phonic games have been incorporated into ECA program too. Phonic skills and knowledge are enforced through the use of fun games, phonics songs, wordsearches, puzzles and colouring activities. These are practical activities which makes learning of phonics fun and makes the children eager to learn.

Phonic Display Boards: These boards have been set up around the school so children can see these different phonics sounds daily as they move around school. They are beautifully and interactively designed with all the important phonics sounds, alphabets and pictures for children to read or play games on. This is not only for children to look at but also to quickly  practice the sounds while they walk around the school.

With our Primary pupils continuing to solidify their foundation knowledge of phonics throughout the school, this will continue to have a positive impact on reading levels at all ages.