Expressive Arts and Design in KG

School News February 05, 2021
Expressive Arts and Design in KG

Expressive Arts and Designs form a huge part of our Early Years curriculum. The children learn vital skills such as role play, dance, and drama, mixing colours, selecting resources and materials as well as fine motor development.    

In Kindergarten all our children undertake topic work, which include these vital skills.  Our latest topic has been linked to Animals and Habitats and Chinese New Year. During these topics, the children designed and made their own animals, built habitats using junk modelling materials, painted pictures and took part in a variety of drama and dance activities.

The children also made crafts linked to Chinese New Year and the year of the Ox. The children in KG3 undertook some traditional Chinese; handwriting "福" for good luck.

The children develop these fine motor skills at a young age, which will further support their early writing, as well as ways to express themselves freely when taking part in all activities linked to the EYFS Curriculum.

Within the EYFS there are 2 areas linked to Expressive Arts and Design:

Exploring Media and Materials where the children have many opportunities to sing songs, make music and take part in drama activities.  They are taught how to use materials and tools safely as well as exploring and experimenting with color, design, and texture.

Being Imaginative where the children have opportunities to continue to develop and use their skills linked to media and materials.  They can represent their own ideas, thoughts, and feelings in a variety of ways such as dance, drama, role play, music, art, and technology.

The children in Kindergarten have access to pencils, paint brushes and art and craft materials, as well as role-play and dressing up throughout their day. These could be an adult focused session including our Extra Curricular Activities or through children's choice and continuous provision.

Overall, the children enjoy a variety of Expressive Art and Design activities which take place throughout our educational learning in Kindergarten. We promote and celebrate all the children’s work through wall displays and photographs, which they love to show and share with their friends and teachers.