Mandarin Class in Primary

School News February 23, 2021
Mandarin Class in Primary

The Mandarin for Westerners Course for our pupils at Wycombe Abbey School, Changzhou gives the opportunity for our non-native speaking Chinese pupils the chance to immerse themselves in the language from an early age. In the class, the pupils are from different countries and different cultural backgrounds. They communicate and discuss with each other in the same class and create wonderful ideas. Although there are many differences differences between us, we have the same objective: to learn Chinese, to understand Chinese culture, feel the charm of Chinese.

In class, our pupils are not only learning how to speak Chinese and write Chinese characters, but also learning more about Chinese culture and feeling the unique charm of the Chinese language. We make moon cakes on the Mid-autumn Day, make zongzi on the Dragon Boat Festival, write the Chinese characters and paste couplets on the Spring Festival. These have become essential activities in our important traditional festivals every year. With the expansion of the mandarin team, we persist in a particularly meaningful event, in that every year before the Spring Festival, all the mandarin pupils in Primary perform to the whole primary school. From "The Origin of the Nian" in the first year, to "The Joy for you," to "Rats rats," and this year's "Moo Moo da." Every year, the show creates a jubilant atmosphere for the arrival of the Spring Festival holiday.

It is also worth mentioning that all the pupils participated in the production of two blackboard displays with Chinese characteristics this year. Every word in the blackboard display, every picture and every piece of work are all from the mandarin group pupils. The blackboard contains some activities about Chinese New Year, such as setting off firecrackers, making dumplings, pasting lucky characters, giving red envelopes and having a family reunion dinner. Pupils knead dishes of fish, meat, dumplings and even a uniquely Chinese hot pot out of clay. When we displayed the bulletin board, every time pupils passed by, they could not help touch the "delicious" dishes.

The stunning work of mandarin from pupils across the primary school and everyone involved should be extremely proud of themselves.