Mandarin in Sea Horse Class

School News February 26, 2021
Mandarin in Sea Horse Class

Here at Wycombe Abbey Kindergarten, Changzhou the children are immersed within a variety of activities.  Our Native Chinese Speaking children undertake Mandarin lessons throughout the week and the theme of KG3 Mandarin lessons this week is ‘My Future Self.’

The children and teacher in Seahorse class collected photos or pictures of different careers together.  The children looked at the career photos and start discussing what they will do and where they are.

Ms. Chen (Seahorse Chinese Teacher) guides the children to set up their own dreams and shares with them what they want to do when they grow up.   The children imagined the work scene when they grow up and drew their own ideal career.

Ms. Chen discussed with the children, and they suggested that we make a background picture of the city, in which the children would all be doing their favorite jobs. The children then cut out their drawings and stuck them on the background map of the city.  At the same time, they worked together to create a working place on the background map. The children were able to communicate and work together, whilst appreciating each other’s skills and having fun.