Spring is coming at WASCZ Primary

School News March 05, 2021
Spring is coming at WASCZ Primary

Spring is coming! Students in the Turtle class have been learning spring poems and articles for the past few days. In order to help students appreciate the beauty of spring, based on the text “Looking for Spring”, the Turtle class walked outside the classroom to get closer to nature and to look for spring.

First of all, it is mentioned in "Looking for Spring" that Spring is a shy little girl, and her eyebrows are the grass of spring. In this case, the students found the grass and observed it. By observing its shape, the students deeply understood why the grass is the eyebrows of the “spring girl”, and thus understood the rhetorical device of simile.

In "Looking for Spring", it is mentioned that the eyes of the “spring girl” are the early wild flowers in spring. Some students then found flowers. Through the appreciation of the beauty of flowers, smell the fragrance of flowers, they understood that the flowers are like the eyes of the “spring girl” with the help of their own imagination.

Later, the students also learned to make sentences by imitating the simile sentences in the text. One pupil mentioned, "That bird is singing in the branches, is that the song of spring?", another one said, "The willows are swaying in the breeze, is that the dance of spring?" , and  another said" The colorful flowers blossoming in the park, is that the painter of spring?" and so on… After the students learned to observe, they put aside the sentence making skills and expressed themselves naturally.

Through this field study to learn the text of "Looking for Spring", the students heard the birds singing around, smelt the early flowers, and saw the new plants growing. They appreciate the beauty of spring through their own senses and learned the figures of speech like simile and personification.

All the students were very excited and enthusiastically participated in this lesson and they are looking forward to our next outdoor Chinese learning trip.