Sea Otters Applying Phonics Inside and Outside the Classroom

School News March 08, 2021
Sea Otters Applying Phonics Inside and Outside the Classroom

In Wycombe Abbey School Changzhou Kindergarten we teach phonics on a daily basis to help develop the children’s reading skills.  This approach has been used internationally and has been proven to be a highly effective form of teaching.

In Kindergarten we strive to support the children with their phonics skills as this helps them both with their reading and writing, which play a crucial part in their everyday education.  Phonics also helps children to develop their English vocabulary as they are regularly introduced to new words which they are taught the definition of and how it can be applied into sentences.

The phonics learning is also used during continuous provision when the children apply what they have learnt using different resources.  This may be the children forming letters in the sand, writing words on the interactive whiteboard, creating words with magnetic letters or even using the play-doh or lego.  Phonics has also been applied outside of the classroom when the children have regularly used chalk to form their letters. 

The children have shown their creative side when applying phonics in continuous provision by selecting alternative resources and linking these to their play.  The use of phonics in different areas of the classroom has shown how it can be implented in various contexts and it is good to see the children taking the lead in their learning and finding new and exciting ways to apply phonics.

The Sea Otters have presented a positive attitude towards phonics, which is reflected both in lessons and when they play.  Their curiosity about what they have learnt has given them a promising start with their reading.