Continuous Outside Provision at KG

School News March 12, 2021
Continuous Outside Provision at KG

At Wycombe Abbey Kindergarten we follow the free flow play philosophy and provide continuous outside provision for all our classes. This means that children can independently choose to move between the inside and outside play environments however they please. Here at Wycombe Abbey, Changzhou we have excellent opportunities for incorporating free flow into our practice. Opportunities for children to access free flow or continuous outside provision will give them many learning, and development opportunities and it also enables practitioners to make full use of the learning environment.

There are several ways that high quality continuous outside provision benefits children’s learning in our kindergarten.

One of the many benefits of free flow play or continuous outside provision as it is often called is that children are given greater independence in their learning. The children can access either or both the inside and outside learning environments throughout and at different times during their day. They can make decisions for themselves. They can devise their own rules, which gives them responsibility for their own learning and development.

Continuous outside provision gives children the opportunity to develop at their own pace.  They decide whether to spend their morning participating in the outside activities or they can decide to spend the morning accessing the inside activities.  This type of learning caters to all children and to all learning styles.

Developing decision making skills is another benefit of continuous outside provision.  Children choose where they would like to play and what they would like to play with.  This gives them time to embrace and consolidate the skills that they are learning. The children develop the ability to make choices for themselves. They will realize as they begin to grow that choices will often have consequences.

Continuous outside provision also enhances children’s physical wellbeing.  By offering children the constant choice of accessing the outdoor curriculum they can develop their gross motor skills and some children prefer to be outside.  Here at Wycombe Abbey teachers, use their skills and understanding of the British Early Years Foundation Stage to take the inside curriculum outside.  The inside area leads directly to the free flow area through connecting doors. All learning opportunities and curriculum areas are available both inside and outside.

Another important benefit of continuous outside provision in the Early Years is that it is ideal for the children to learn about their outside environment and surroundings. Children can explore different natural features of their environment and this opens many learning opportunities such as finding autumn leaves and exploring the texture of trees using rubbings. The possibilities are endless!

A final benefit of continuous provision in the Early Year is that it develops relationships and creativity. Outside play often gives the children more freedom to develop their role play and oral English skills. Often children will devise elaborate imaginative play and incorporate detailed appropriate dialogue.