Telling the time

School News March 24, 2021
Telling the time

"An inch of time is an inch of gold. An inch of gold can't buy an inch of time." Time is very precious for everyone. Our country began to use all kinds of timers to record time since ancient times. With the development of the times, we use accurate clocks to record time now.  With the advent of spring, everything comes to life again. The pupils of the Stingray class learnt about time together.  

In order to better understand the concept of time, we prepared the clock models for the pupils. Through careful observation, the pupils found that there is an hour hand, a minute hand and a second hand on the clock face. Some little math experts also found that there are long and short scales on the clock face, which was very interesting. Pupils strived to be the little masters of the classroom. They use the model to explore how to tell the times on the clock through group cooperation.    

Then, the pupils felt the time of one second. The pupils were shocked to find that one second was so short. Some pupils said that we could blink in one second, some pupils said that we could pat our eyes in one second, and some pupils said that we could smile in one second. One second is concise, but we can run 10 meters in one second. Then, the pupils felt the time of one minute. Some pupils found that they could write more than 100 numbers in one minute, which was terrific. So we should cherish time and should not waste every minute.