Space Art & Craft Project

School News March 29, 2021
Space Art & Craft Project

Craft time not only exercises kindergartners' creativity and imagination but helps them sharpen motor skills and critical thinking as well

Kindergarten art projects are always a blast. At this age, children are eager to try out all sorts of new materials and techniques, and their creativity is just waiting to be tapped. We always have a lot of imaginative ideas, from painting and pastels, to clay, yarn, timber, and many other materials. We never have any fear to get a little messy — and always make some amazing art!

Last week Rainbow Fish Class (KG1) studied the theme of Space. If you are a teacher or a parent, it is likely your child has asked you at least once – “how many stars are there in the sky?” That is the magic of the great space beyond – it is so mysterious, and so attractive!

When we were children, we spent many days lying out on the grass and staring up into the sky. The children these days may not have that opportunity, but that does not mean they do not have questions about what is up there. We should tap into their interest and curiosity to encourage them to learn more about outer space – with the help of crafts!

For studying space and planets with children, we built our own night sky, made planets, moon, rockets and did not forget aliens!  If we want to teach our children about space, a good place to start is the solar system. These crafts can give them an idea of where the place of our planet in the solar system, how big the other planets are compared to the Earth.  Our little “astronauts” memorize the names and characteristics of the sun and the eight planets in our solar system, including our very own Earth! To create planets, we used clay of various colours and made the planets in different sizes. Just think of all the great skills the children were working on when they made this craft!

Our ‘name space rocket’ craft was a simple and fun activity which the children loved very much! It is a great craft for kindergarten aged children, which involved the children’s skills to be able to sort the letters and put them in a right order to make their names.

Nothing beats crafting materials and the children love to use paper plates, as there are so many fun things you can create with a bit of paint and some cutting. We love the versatility of this crafting material as it can make it fit for any age group. We have paper plate work very often, because it is a fun activity for the children, and they love to work with it. As we have been teaching our class about ‘all things outer space’ we have asked them to think "What else is out there?", we decided to take a fun spin on the subject by making these lovely aliens from paper plates.