Young Engineers in Primary

School News March 29, 2021
Young Engineers in Primary

The Young Engineers at Wycombe Abbey have been researching, designing and building from recycled materials only.The Engineers had a short time to imagine what they could build using only second-hand materials. They came up with a massive range of structures they could build, from playground equipment such as swings, slides, climbing frames and more in a park, to China’s space mission, rockets and habitats that could be used for living on Mars. Pupils also decided they would make wind powered cars, aeroplanes, houses and a model of the tallest building in the World ‘The Burj Khalifa’.

When they started to build, they found out that some materials did not work so well, as Engineers have for Millenia, but they did discover that rolled up A4 paper tubes can be incredibly strong material. Again, the pupils discovered some building techniques were much better than others and they chose to start a new with different construction methods, achieving much greater success and using enhanced building skills.

All pupils created something for themselves and learned new ways to construct using many different types of materials, including paper, cardboard, plastic / bottle tops, and many more plus building and finishing materials such as glue, staples, paint etcetera. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience and wanted to show and share what they had built and learned with each other. Well done to all!