Assessment Week in Primary

School News April 01, 2021
Assessment Week in Primary

This week at Wycombe Abbey, it has been assessment week! All the students have had assessments, from Grade 1 all the way up to Grade 5. Assessments are important because they allow the teachers at Wycombe Abbey to track each child’s progress and identify any holes in their knowledge. They inform the teachers what to include in their lesson plans to prepare the students for their future education.

The preparation and hard work throughout the school year is paying dividends. Test scores are improving and the students’ reading levels are rising and increasing level by level. Our school policy of “English Only” has helped to develop the students’ speaking abilities across all grade levels.

Below is a snapshot of how our assessment week runs, from our youngest pupils in Grade 1, to our eldest pupils in Grade 5.

Dolphin Class Assessments

Assessment 1 was a comprehension test. This is where the understanding and interpretation of what is read is tested. To be able to accurately understand written material, children need to be able to:

  • decode the words. 
  • make connections between what he reads and what he already knows. 
  • think deeply about what he has read. 

Assessment 2 was a grammar test. This is to test how we structure our sentences when writing in English. Grammar is the way words, phrases and clauses come together to make meaning in our writing. Since the start of the academic year, Dolphin class have worked hard to develop their understanding of grammar and apply it to their written work. We have learnt about nouns, verbs, adjectives, capital letters, commas, question marks, apostrophes and how to structure sentences when writing. For their grammar assessment, the students corrected a series of questions containing grammar mistakes.

Assessment 3 was an impromptu spelling test, which was done by reading out a simple sentence to Dolphin class. Each sentence contained a missing word. The children had to listen to and identify the missing word and then spell it correctly.

Narwhal Class Assessments

The Narwhals have taken on a renewed interest in reading to develop their comprehension skills and increase their vocabulary. AR Reading, ORT Reading and Star Reading Assessments have shown an increase in each student’s ability to comprehend a variety of texts. Writing has improved as the students are now adding power adjectives and adverbs to their sentences to bring life to their stories. Creativity in writing is blossoming and the students are believing in their own ideas and putting it all to paper.

Well Done Narwhals!!!