Primary Talent Show 2021

School News April 02, 2021
Primary Talent Show 2021

On Friday 19th March, the school theatre was full of people to watch our annual Talent Show. After a hiatus last year, all twenty-three acts were very excited to get on stage and perform, with acts ranging from music, to dancing to speed cup stacking!

As is traditional, the show was hosted by Primary Head Boy, I. Xiao, and Head Girl, T. Chen, who delivered introductions to each act bilingually throughout the show, demonstrating confidence and projection in front of over 400 people.

The talent show judges consisted of Mr. Jacobs (Head of Primary), Miss Mellor (Deputy Head – Academic), Mr. Wood (Deputy Head – Pastoral), Mr. Philpott (Curriculum Co-ordinator), Mr. Aydon (Head of Boarding), and Mr. Garfitt (Director of Music), who had the extremely difficult choice of picking a winner!

With acts ranging in age from Grade 1 all the way up to Grade 5, the talent show featured pupils who everyone knew and delighted in their efforts on stage through the afternoon.

Whilst the judges totalled up their scores backstage, Mr. Jacobs presented the staff band performance, featuring Mr. Jacobs on vocals, Mr. Aydon on the drums, Mr. Mayell on bass guitar, Mr. Gray on guitar, and Mr. Garfitt and Mr. Suen on keys. Singing the song “Something Just Like This” by Coldplay, the audience joined in singing with the band to bring a brilliant end to the afternoon’s acts!

Ultimately, there could only be one winner – well done to V. Zhang, from the Piranha Class, who impressed the judges with her incredible belly dancing, taking home her certificate, trophy and 200 house points earned for her house!

Overall, the Primary Talent Show, which this year needed three auditions to accommodate over 60 potential acts, was the biggest WASCZ Primary had ever hosted, and we are looking forward to an even bigger and better show next year!

Winner – V. Zhang – Belly Dancing (Piranha Class – Somerville – 200 House Points)

2nd Place – A. Yu – Break Dancing (Narwhal Class – Hawking – 100 House Points)

3rd Place – A. Wang – “We Will Rock You” (Swordfish Class – Elgar – 50 House Points)

Group Winners – M. Xu + A. Yu – Violin (Narwhal Class – Elgar + Scott – 150 House Points)