School News April 13, 2021

Kindergarten teachers at Wycombe Abbey, aim for fun, meaningful and memorable activities, and lessons.  

As a team we collaborate to think of a range of topics that will help children develop with their education.  Which includes having a better understanding of the world. 

Lionfish have recently been learning about transportation, where the children have been learning about different types of transport and where we would find them in our local area. 

The children benefitted and enjoyed listening to transportation songs, and watching video clips giving information about transportation, they have also benefitted from going outside and identifying different types of transport.   This included listening for aeroplanes and finding different types of cars in the car park and comparing them.

The children have also learnt the importance of road safety, which was shown when they were taught how to cross a road safely.

(Learning how to cross the roads)

To approach the topic of crossing the roads safely, we focused on the language and meanings of “right, left, front, back”, which was achieved thorough a variety of activities. The children have become more aware of why it is necessary for them to wear a seatbelt in a car and when it is safe for them to remove it.

(Practising right, left, front, back)

Parents in Lionfish class have feedback to the teachers about the learning that has taken place and what the children have been sharing at home:

“We were on our way to the car and my daughter told me: We can cross now because there are no cars coming. We first need to make sure to look to the right and to the left for cars and we must walk along the side of the road, not in the middle of the road.”

-Parent 1-

“When we see a traffic light, we cannot move if the light is red. On red you need to stop, on yellow you go slow and on green you can move.” 

                                                                                           -Parent 2-