Primary Bake Sale 2021

School News April 22, 2021
Primary Bake Sale 2021

On Monday 19th April, a host of delicious smells wafted through WASCZ Primary, as children throughout the school brought in cakes and cookies to donate to their house stall as all classes took part in the Bake Sale 2021.

With house tables laid out outside the library, our eldest pupils in Grade 5, decorated their tables and organized all the different items brought in by their peers in their house ready for the sale to begin. Many had spent time at home creating their own house signs and even bought in decorative table-cloths to make their tables as eye-catching as possible.

The Grade 5s worked in shifts throughout the morning, selling cakes to different year groups (and teachers!) at a time. Needing to think fast during busy periods, pupils had to apply mathematical problem-solving skills to the real-life situation of accepting money and giving back change to their customers.

By the end of the morning’s sale, nearly all the mouth-watering treats had sold out, however there was still time for pupils to buy any remaining items at the end of the day. After all the money collected had been counted, WASCZ Primary had raised just over 17,000 Yuan for the school’s local charity, the Changzhou Orphanage, a quite phenomenal achievement, and nearly double what was raised at our last bake sale two years ago.

Well done and thank you to all pupils and parents involved with helping make this year’s bake sale a reality – the money raised for the orphanage will go a long way to supporting the children who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Well done Primary!