ECA - Glee Club in KG3

School News May 05, 2021
ECA - Glee Club in KG3

The children in KG3 have recently been participating in our very own ‘Kindergarten Glee Club’, this is a new and exciting activity as part of our ECA program, which includes, both singing and dancing.

Glee Clubs are an extremely popular ECA in the UK and around the world and have been proven to help and develop children of all ages with their confidence and self-esteem.  It involves learning songs, dances, drama as well as breathing techniques.

The club leaders, Miss. Carter, and Mr. Marland are keen to introduce songs to the children that are from a variety of genres, which will help broaden their musical knowledge and become more aware of different cultural music. Furthermore, learning the lyrics to songs and the meaning of new words in the songs helps children to develop their English vocabulary.

So far, the children have been very keen to join in with the singing and have realised that it is not about having the best voice but instead it is about having the right energy to perform the song.

The children are already underway with learning their first song and Miss Carter and Mr Marland want to ensure that the children are familiar with the songs and can sing confidently. They will then focus on teaching the dance routine.

Learning a dance routine will help the children with their expressive skills as well as their spatial awareness. The children will be encouraged to participate with the choreography choices of the dance routines to make it more personal for them.

At the end of the school year the children will perform their songs in front of the other Kindergarten children in not only our end of year show but also at the KG 3 Graduation.

There are many benefits to performing which include developing self-confidence, developing skills in memory, promoting self-expression, developing creativity, and developing team building skills by interacting and cooperating with the other performers in the group. The children are very excited to take part in this end of year show.