Artist Day in KG – Pufferfish learn about: Jackson Pollock

School News May 05, 2021
Artist Day in KG –  Pufferfish learn about:  Jackson Pollock

Every class in Wycombe Abbey Kindergarten, undertook a project based on an artist. Pufferfish Class were introduced to the action painter Jackson Pollock.

‘Jackson Pollock was born in North America in 1921. Jackson was introduced to liquid paint at an experimental workshop in New York, America, in the year 1936, and started using paint pouring techniques to make his paintings. Jackson Pollock was well known for his action paintings’ 

We thought it would be so much fun to try and recreate his paintings for our art project. Pufferfish class watched a small documentary about Jackson Pollock’s life and how his paintings were created.

The children then learnt what materials and resources could be used for action paintings. They needed paint brushes; buckets with holes; a canvas or paper; and lots of beautiful colors.

The aim was to splash paint all over the canvas or paper with a paint brush or fill a bucket with colours and let the paint drip out of the bucket, whilst splashing it all around the canvas or paper.

Pufferfish class had so much fun splashing paint all over the paper, getting paint everywhere and even on the teachers!  The outcome was fantastic, every child had a wonderful time, and they learnt so much.

Every child’s painting is displayed in Kindergarten for everyone to see them and share their success.

Pufferfish class and all the teachers are very proud of their artwork.

Well done Pufferfish class!