Sculpting in Primary

School News May 05, 2021
Sculpting in Primary

Our little artists in primary have been very busy sculpting natural items and animals. Our journey begins outside on the grounds of Wycombe Abbey, Changzhou. We started by exploring the campus grounds and sketching any interesting objects or animals that we saw.

Then we returned to the classroom to do further research on the animals and plants we saw so that we can sculpt an accurate version. After doing our research and exploration we finally started working with our clay by applying sculpting techniques demonstrated by our teachers.

At first the clay feels rough, and it did not want to stay upright, but the more we practiced the easier it became, and we started creating masterpieces!

After waiting for what felt like forever for the clay to dry, we checked our clay every day, but Mr. Du Toit kept saying “It’s not ready yet.”

Finally, after a whole week of waiting our sculptures are nice and dry and we can start painting them. We were only given primary colors to paint our sculptures, so we had to mix our own paint. Now our sculptures are complete, and we can finally show them off to our friends and family!