Little Archeologists in Coral Class

School News May 06, 2021
Little Archeologists in Coral Class

Every term, a range of topics is covered in kindergarten at Wycombe Abbey School. This helps to keep pupils engaged, interested, and offers a variety of important skill to learn. One of the recent fun topics was “dinosaurs”, the children were very excited about this topic and were eager to learn about their favorite dinosaurs.

The children were given the opportunity to learn various dinosaur names and the ‘T-Rex’ was by far the favorite. They also learnt about what dinosaurs eat, with the focus being on learning about carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores.

The children learnt about ‘archeologists’ and what they do. They know that dinosaurs no longer exist but that we can see fossils of dinosaurs and the archeologist’s job is to find these. The children then became an archeologist and enjoyed digging of their own fossils.  They had great fun digging out their fossils from their clay block.

The most exciting part was guessing which dinosaur was going to be inside as they were all different with no way of telling what species would be found. This activity required the children to listen to and follow step by step instructions on how to dig up their fossil, as well as developing their fine motor skills, which is important for writing and various other skills in life. They also learnt how to use and manipulate tools to achieve an outcome.

The KG2 children all had a blast completing this project and look forward to many more creative and fun projects linked to the interesting themes at school.