It’s Time for Grammar!

School News May 17, 2021
It’s Time for Grammar!

Recently in the Lobster class, we have been learning about how to use time words. We have looked carefully at how to adjust our grammar when using: exact times (at _____ A.M / P.M.); times of the day (in the morning / afternoon / evening); days of the week (on _____day); when things happened / will happen in relation to other things (before / during / after _____); and how long ago things happened in the past (yesterday / two _____s ago).

We then started to combine these time words with various activities and places to form more descriptive sentences that convey what things people have been doing, where they’ve been doing them and when they did them. To ensure that the pupils are practicing their speaking, reading and writing by engaging in lessons rather than just memorization and repetition we make sure to do a wide range of different activities during lessons. These : guessing games; guided worksheets; call and response games; singing songs; asking and answering in pairs and more.

Learning how to use correct grammar is a huge part of what we do in 3G English classes and we put a lot of emphasis on not just understanding the ‘what’ when adjusting our grammar but also the ‘why’. This allows the pupils to adapt what they’ve learned to different situations and contexts when talking with others and this recent topic has certainly helped the pupils in developing their ability to converse in a more fluid manner as opposed to just regurgitating rigid, memorized phrases. Well done Lobsters!