The Joys of Reading in Primary ECA

School News May 17, 2021
The Joys of Reading in Primary ECA

Reading has the power to open eyes, minds, and hearts. This saying is strongly supported and encouraged by all the staff at Wycombe Abbey School, Changzhou.

Our library has seen an overwhelming response from the students in terms of reading, learning and sharing their knowledge about their favorite book series, authors & characters. Reading enables them to express their imaginations and perspectives about the books they have read.

BOOK CLUB ECA is one such opportunity where pupils have an opportunity to bring out their creativity.

1. Book Reports & Book Covers of their favorite books;

2. Linguistics based activities like Word Searches, Crosswords, Treasure Hunt etc. based on books, authors & genres are also a perfect example of “Fun with learning”.

As a part of the Book Club ECA:

1. Our pupils enjoy their Guided Reading Sessions, which have become an integral part of learning and proved to be a positive reinforcement for them to explore their reading and understanding. They get excited to read with their classmates and the teacher.

2. Story-Time is a fan favorite, an engaging yet relaxing pastime that the pupils always look forward to as soon as they are in the library.

3. Free Reading also encourages the pupils to explore the books in the library to follow their own interests and passions.