Piranhas are taking a bite!

School News May 20, 2021
Piranhas are taking a bite!

Piranha class have been busy over the last few weeks, learning about different food. Learning about where our food comes from, how it grows, and food from different countries. We have had lots of fun with this topic and looked at some delicious food.

To end our food topic, Piranha class made their own sandwiches. First, they designed their own sandwiches in their books by drawing the different layers of what they would like on their sandwich.

We had all our ingredients laid out ready to start and together we went through them one by one for the children to name.

After washing their hands Piranhas were ready to make their sandwich!

Each child chose their sandwich fillings going on the sandwich they designed in our previous lesson. There was lots of good language going on during the activity with the children talking about what things they like and dislike, the order they want to put their fillings onto the bread. It was just a nice, exciting and fun activity to share with the Piranhas with great outcomes.

The children were using vocabulary such has white/brown bread, butter, fillings, knife, spread, cut in half/quarters, very nice, yummy, so good.

Looking at the pictures, I think it was a winning activity.