Swordfish Xylophone Performance

School News May 21, 2021
Swordfish Xylophone Performance

Well done to Swordfish class, Grade 3, this week as they performed a very tight version of Mr. Mayell’s polyphonic arrangement of ‘Ghost of John’ performed as a round. 

Pupils from grade 3 learnt the traditional folk song ‘Ghost of John’ as a singing round first then they started learning different versions of the melody on the xylophone to help their score reading abilities. 

Pupils were playing 3 different parts as a round, part one is the same as the singing version but part 2 and 3 have added rhythms and notes to stretch and challenge their sight reading skills within an ensemble. 

Overall Mr. Mayell was so pleased with the performance he asked for it to be filmed to share with all of you. 

Well done for the hard work of all of grade 3.