The art of paper quilling ECA

School News May 25, 2021
The art of paper quilling ECA

Paper Quilling is an ancient handicraft activity. According to legend, it originated in ancient Egypt. People used colored paper strips of different thicknesses, then rolling, pinching, and gluing, to make the paper strips into small elements in various forms. The Artwork is then formed using these elements, making impressive 3D designs.

The paper quilling ECA has been greatly welcomed by pupils in Primary.

After the pupils watched the teacher's presentation, they were all eager to try. However, the small reel was not as easy to rotate as expected, and the pupils were so anxious that they scratched their heads in wonder. The thin and long paper seems to do what it wants, and it could not always be rolled into the required shape. The glue started like a volcanic eruption and accidentally stuck on hands……But in the face of these various difficulties, the pupils still upheld the golden rules of trying your best and helping each other, with the patient guidance of the teacher, each piece of exquisite quilling paper vividly appeared on the paper.

When asked about the pupils’ biggest impressions of the paper quilling ECA, some pupils felt that making three-dimensional works of art was incredible! Some pupils think that the paper quilling ECA has opened the door for their own art!

The school opened paper quilling ECA in the hope that children can be exposed to more artistic activities, in which activities can improve pupils' aesthetics, creativity and overall ability for design, and at the same time can greatly exercise patience and perseverance.

The exquisite pieces of work with different styles, show the children's hard working attitude and are the best proof of pupils' achievement of learning and successful overcoming of difficulties.