Writing about World Cultural Heritage in China

School News June 01, 2021
Writing about World Cultural Heritage in China

Recently, the Tuna Fish class wrote a piece introducing world cultural heritage in China.

First of all, they learned about world cultural heritage. There are a lot of world cultural heritage sites in China, and they have selected the contents they are interested in. For example: Beijing’s Forbidden City, The Classical Gardens of Suzhou, The Qin terra-cotta warriors and horses and so on. After they chose what cultural heritage site they would like to write about, they needed to research relevant information on the internet, such as historical background, and cultural value.  

The next step was to organize their research and begin their writing piece. Pupils were encouraged to write their information they had researched in their own words, as well as adding their own feelings about each heritage site they had researched.

After writing the composition, the pupils communicated and assessed each other’s work. They gave comments on whether they had introduced Chinese world cultural heritage clearly, and finally, they revised their composition according to their classmates’ opinions.

Through the study of this project, the pupils have realized the wisdom of Chinese ancestors, strengthened the ability of researching and selecting information online and honed their writing ability.