Primary Sports Day 2021

School News June 03, 2021
Primary Sports Day 2021

On Friday 28th May, all pupils across Primary took part in Sports Day 2021. With Juniors (Grades 1-2) competing in teams in a circuit of activities they had been practicing over the past few weeks in their PE lessons on Friday morning in the dome, with Seniors (Grades 3-5) taking part in traditional “track and field” events outside.

Junior Sports Day

With eighteen different events set up around the dome, and with the support of the Grade 5 House Captains and Head Boy and Head Girl, each team spent three minutes on each activity, trying to earn as many points as they could for their team. Events included:

  1. Zig Zag Relays
  2. Hurdle Relays
  3. Football Penalty Shooting
  4. Obstacle Course
  5. Skipping Challenge
  6. Sack Races
  7. Ball Throws
  8. Standing Long Jump

Working together as part of a team, the Junior teams cheered each other on as they all tried their best to run as fast or throw and jump as far as they could, and it was great to see over 120 pupils in the dome enjoying sport and the camaraderie that comes with being part of a team.

At the end of the circuit of activities, the teams with the highest overall points totals in Grades 1-2 were awarded gold, silver and bronze medals for finishing first, second and third respectively.

Well done to all the competitors over the course of the morning – a truly successful Junior Sports Day morning!

Senior Sports Day

On a truly record-breaking afternoon on the athletics track and field on Friday afternoon, over 100 different events took place, with all pupils in Grades 3-5 taking part in three events, with the chance to win medals, and all-important house points for their houses.

There were Primary School records set in multiple events, including Nancy Xu (Narwhal) in the 400m, beating times of all pupils, boys and girls in the school, Bojan Ling (Orca) in the ball throw, and Tom Tang from Grade 3 (Beluga), who beat all other competitors across all grades to set the school long jump record!

Senior Sports Day this year gave all children the chance to compete against their peers regardless of their athletic abilities, and there were some great “races within races”, where individual pupils had to push themselves as hard as possible to keep ahead of their competition in their race or competition.

One of the highlights of the day for many pupils was the house tug-of-war competition, with pupils in houses per year group taking on their rival houses in a best-of-three competition through the afternoon.

Well done to all pupils who took part in what was a very good spirited afternoon of athletics – sport plays such a fantastic role in the lives of our pupils here at Wycombe Abbey, and this was further highlighted today.

With thanks to all the Primary Staff who helped throughout the day with both Junior and Senior events – without your support, the events could not have run so successfully!