Planting in Lionfish Class

School News June 08, 2021
Planting in Lionfish Class

The children in Lionfish class enjoying planting their seeds, they learnt how they grown and what we need to do to help them grown.

Children like to look at the beautiful things in nature, such as flowers and trees, the sun, the moon, and the stars.  The children in lionfish class learnt the meaning of these words - Flowerpot, nourishing soil, sowing, watering, sunshine, observation, recording, step by step, and from this they concentrated and panted their own flowers and careful cared for them.

Of course, the planting work is done, but not finish, we need the eyes to observe. Observation, as a mental accelerator, can better promote the desire to explore. “My seed is germination” “My seeds grow long” ”Mine is very tall” ”Mine haven’t sprouted yet”.  WOW! The children were so glad to observe the changes by themselves. Well-done Lionfish!

The seeds are trying to head up germination, like the children is having the new life in KG. After a couple of months, the children had beautiful pots of stem, leaves and some even flowers to show.

Best wishes to every child in the Lionfish class.