We love the little animals

School News June 08, 2021
We love the little animals

Children in Kindergarten love animals and the more they get to know about the animals the more they learn. The children in Sea Dragon class have been practicing a song, they are familiar with the melody and enjoy performing in front of their friends. It is conducive to the cultivation of good musical literacy.

Different teaching strategies were used to stimulate children's curiosity to participate within the lessons.

Children's thinking mode is based on specific image and this activity was about the zoo concert, where it invites little animals to sing songs.  The children in Sea Dragon class then became familiar with the melody of the song, thus developing a deeper love for music teaching.

The children actively participated in singing activities and with practise the children can imitate the song, according to the characteristics of different animal sounds. They loved standing in front of their friends to sing.

We then used musical instruments to play the song which helps us to develop the rhythm. The children enjoyed sharing their songs with other children in Kindergarten.